Virtual Event Platform

The Most Sophisticated Virtual Events Platform on the Planet

EventsX has developed the most sophisticated virtual events platform on the planet. Whereas others might have some of what we offer, we have everything they offer—and more—in one convenient place.

Leave your audience speechless, whether your event is big or small

Fully-Fledged Online Events

  • Slick reception pages welcome your attendees to the event as if they were walking in through a live entrance.

  • Multiple event stages allow you to stream content to as many as 200,000 viewers, far more than any live event!

  • Breakout rooms let attendees separate from the main activity and hold closed-door discussions.

  • Sophisticated AI facilitates networking, automatically matching connections.

Unprecedented Audience Engagement

  • Live and recorded sessions mean that attendees can catch as many presentations as possible. Any presentation they miss can be viewed on-demand later.

  • Add polls, quizzes, Q&A, and other gamification tools to your event to drive maximum user engagement.

  • Facilitate networking with top-in-class AI matchmaking algorithms that connect people effortlessly.

  • Our slick mobile app contains everything necessary for people to make maximum use of all of the virtual event’s features.

Top Virtual Events Software

  • Our virtual events software leaves no stone unturned for your online event. Whether it is easy registration, top-class marketing tools, or sophisticated analytics, the EventsX virtual event platform gives you the best chances to maximize your ROI.

  • The EventsX software lets you store and edit videos for later viewing. You can also provide supporting media to your events, such as presentations, PDFs, and even playlists, to ensure a more immersive experience.

  • Our comprehensive analytics solution furnishes everything from pre-event analytics to real-time analytics to post-event analytics.

  • You can use our own video conferencing software or connect to your favourite third-party online video service right from within the EventsX platform. We connect seamlessly with Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, GoToMeeting, ZohoMeeting, CiscoWebEx, YouTube Live, Microsoft Teams/Skype, and BlueJeans Meetings!

Hold Engaging Webinars and Online Events

Make webinars completely interactive and prevent webinar fatigue

EventsX utilizes top-in-class AI software to bring you the highest quality online event possible.


100% White-Labeled Online Event

Use our tools to completely white-label your virtual event, modifying everything from the layout to the colors and the logo. Your event = your brand.


Run your own event management platform.

As an agency, you can offer 100% white-labeled events to your customers. Add your branding and start your own events management company within minutes. Leave all the heavy lifting up to us. We'll handle any technical support requests behind the scenes while you remain the front-facing contact for your customers.

Sponsorship and partnership

Increase event success by bringing in partners.

Bring in sponsors and partners to co-host your event. All sponsors receive a fully branded page within the event and are featured prominently at the event's reception area. In addition to sponsoring sessions, sponsors can host breakout rooms and lounge events to connect with attendees. To make the event even more beneficial for them, sponsors can also retrieve post-event leads.

Built for enterprise needs

Corporate clients have everything they need.

EventsX events scale easily from a few attendees to as much as 200,000. We are 100% enterprise-ready:

  • We offer a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for customer success.

  • All attendees' data is seamlessly integrated with popular systems.

  • We integrate our systems with Single Sign-On (SSO) options.

  • We are fully compliant with local privacy laws, including GDPR and the CCPA.

White glove support

Care to every detail.

EventsX offers white-glove support from beginning to end. No matter what is needed, our dedicated customer success team will ensure you have all the pre-event backup you need to pull off a great event. And, during the event, you'll have immediate access to a customer success manager to help you if the need arises.