Our Vision

Events for a smarter greener future

At EventsX, we believe in utilizing only technologies that help the planet recover from the damage wrought by careless actions on the part of humans over the past 100 years. A large source of environmental damage is events and the events industry. We are changing that.

Our platform embodies the following key features:
  • AI-powered solutions reduce the amount of computer time necessary to achieve the same result as humans—which means less energy used.

  • Gamification features keep attendees interested, meaning more is achieved in less time.

  • Virtual events mean fewer-to-no harmful emissions

  • Virtual events mean less plastic into landfills

How EventsX helps the environment

Events contribute greatly to harming the environment through air pollution, wasted food and water, and CO2 emissions. Large-scale events are also wasteful in terms of time and money. Virtual events that feel like real events are the solution.

Emissions from Transportation

Transporting attendees to and from an event results in excessive emissions into the environment. Buses, automobiles, and flights all contribute to this damaging practice.

Fossil Fuels

These same methods of transportation result in the burning of excessive amounts of fossil fuels, not to mention the need for generators and other fuel-requiring machines at the event itself.


Traditional events are extremely wasteful. Single-use plastics find their way into landfills. These include straws, bottles, food packaging, and endless other items that damage the environment.