About us

The EventsX Story

We started EventsX to address systemic failings in the events industry.

We developed EventsX to help event managers produce better events

Preparing a successful event is a mammoth task, often requiring months of preparation. We built EventsX with event managers in mind so that they could do their jobs more easily.

Next-gen AI-driven virtual event platform

Our Story

EventsX was founded in 2017 as a solution to address systemic problems in the event industry.

Our main goal at EventsX was to provide the event attendee with an immersive and interactive online event experience.

As with an in-person event, EventsX ensures meaningful interactions between users.

We have developed tools for building highly interactive online experiences.

EventsX is a customizable venue that can be tailored to meet the needs of event organizers. Among its features are:

AI-based analytics

Data science-based reports



Scalability to fit all kinds of events.

We are your virtual venue for any size, any event. We are EventsX.

The number of EventsX users has now reached hundreds of thousands around the world.

Our team continues to grow at a rapid pace and we are adding new features every week to enhance our platform.

Started EventsX in London with two people.
Market research and business analysis stage completed

Proof-of-concept completed

EventsX Artificial intelligence team was assembled

Admin back office development begun

Web application development begun
EventsX minimum viable product (MVP) completed

EventsX Virtual Reality development begins.

Formed R&D team.

Event organizer portal development
Networking and matchmaking
  • Smart matchmaking algorithm powered by artificial intelligence

  • Recommended matches

  • 1-to-1 meeting scheduling

  • Dedicated meeting slots

  • Automated notifications

  • In-app messaging

  • Designated meeting areas

  • Meeting reminders

  • Hosted 1:1 video conferencing

  • Group video meetings

  • Automatic business card exchange

Event schedule
  • What’s live

  • Multitrack agenda

  • Schedule management

  • Attendee schedule

  • Dedicated speaker section (bios, links, etc.)

  • Session tags

  • Session locations

  • Calendar sync

  • Schedule import and export

Sponsors, partners & exhibitors
  • Sponsor listing & grouping

  • Sponsor website

  • Sponsor bio

  • Sponsor industry

  • Website, FB, Twitter, LinkedIn links

  • Sponsor dashboard

  • Sponsor ads

  • Virtual booths

  • Live chat

Event management
  • Custom branding

  • Links to event website & event social media accounts

  • Detailed event description

  • Custom push notifications

  • Event join code & join link

  • Event reminder emails

  • Event engagement emails

  • Meeting reminder emails

EventsX released its first public beta version

Speech-to-text development

Zapier integration

Virtual, hybrid & in-person events

Data & Analytics
Virtual, hybrid & in-person events
  • Livestream hosting

  • Artificial Intelligence based events platform

  • Multi-livestream support

  • Event home page

  • Audience interaction (chat, polls, Q&A)

  • Livestream chat

  • 1:1 video calls

  • Virtual booths for exhibitors and sponsors

  • Breakout rooms & group meetings

  • Timezone support

  • Public announcement

  • Attendee geographic analytical data – Map

  • Audience interaction - Gamify (Kahoot, Snapbar)

Data & Analytics
Data & Analytics
  • Number of meetings

  • Who is meeting who

  • Pre-engagement vs during event engagement

  • Livestream analytics

Behavioural Analytics
  • Supply & demand signals

  • Attendee intents

  • Understand market trends

  • Sponsorship sales data

  • Marketing analytics

  • Needs for specific content

  • Event CRM integrations

EventsX completed over 100 successful events in its Beta version.

Public API development

EventsX Cloud Software white-label solution development

Started the EventsX mobile application development for Android and iOS

Artificial Intelligence

Customer Success & Networking
Artificial Intelligence
  • Live captions (AI-generated Speech-to-text)

  • AI-powered caption download (AI-generated)

  • AI model conference video build

  • Action Items & Follow Ups

  • Topics

  • Question

  • Pre-built Summary

  • Topic Hierarchy

  • Summarization

  • AI-based analyzing data

  • AI-based reports

EventsX completed 100 + Successful Events in BETA version

Public API development

EventsX Cloud Software White-label solution development

Started the EventsX mobile application development for Android app on Google Play and iOS app on the App Store
Customer Success & Networking Consultation
Customer Success
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager

  • Kickoff meeting

  • Event Communications support

  • Event Sponsorship Consultation

  • Matchmaking consultation

  • Support materials

User & technical support
  • Full end-user support

  • Full technical support

Metaverse (Coming Soon)
In-Person events, Hybrid Events & Mobile App (Coming Soon)
  • Attendance Management

  • Attendee Management

  • Attendee Profiles

  • Attendee Segmentation

  • Attendee Tracking

  • Audience Targeting

  • API / integrations

  • Access Controls/Permissions

  • Activity Dashboard

  • Agenda Management

  • Alerts/Notifications

  • Application Development

  • Badge Management

  • Badge Printing and certificate printing

  • Barcode / Ticket Scanning

  • Business Card/Badge Scanning

  • Calendar Management

  • Chat/Messaging

  • Communication Management

  • Confirmation/Reminders

  • Contact Database

  • Client Management

  • Campaign Management

  • Conferences/Conventions

  • Contact Management

  • Customer Database

  • Attendee Segmentation

  • Customizable Branding

  • Customizable Templates

  • Credit Card Processing

  • Customizable Forms

  • Data Extraction

  • Data Import/Export

  • Data Synchronization

  • Discount Management

  • mail Marketing

  • Email Reminders

  • Event Management

  • Event Registration

  • Event Scheduling

  • Event Ticketing

  • Exhibit/Vendor Management

  • Gamification

  • Group Registration

  • Guest List Management

  • Guest List Search

  • Lead Capture

  • Lead Generation

  • Live Streaming

  • Marketing Automation

  • Mobile Access

  • Mobile Check-in

  • Multi-Event

  • Networking

  • One-to-One Messaging

  • Online Registration

  • Onsite Registration

  • Payment Processing

  • QR Codes

  • Real Time Notifications

  • Real Time Reporting

  • Real-Time Chat

  • Real-time Updates

  • Recording

  • Refund Management

  • Registration Management

  • Reporting & Statistics

  • Reporting/Analytics

  • Self Check-in/Check-out

  • Social Media Integration

  • Social Promotion

  • Speaker Management

  • Speaker Profiles

  • Sponsor Pages and Sponsorship Management

  • Survey/Poll Management

  • Surveys & Feedback

  • Third Party Integrations

  • Ticketing

  • Volunteer Management

  • Visitor Registration

  • Website Integration

  • Customizable Branding