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MDN Productions is an award-winning live and virtual event production, event marketing, and destination management company with valued resources and creative solutions for all your inspired events!

MDN Productions first came about when a trio of young siblings were told by their parents to do something productive with their summer. They didn’t really have a budget to work with, so they relied on natural born artistry and creative thinking. Utilizing what they had around the house, they crafted props, sound effects, wardrobe and stage sets. After some time in production, they were ready to go live and invited family, friends and neighbors to watch. Every detail was thought out and scenes rehearsed. They even created hand-made programs for their guests but for this they needed a name. Using the three initials from their first names, MDN Productions was born.

The MDN Productions of today serves a slightly different purpose but is built on similar principles; endless creativity and anything is possible. It is the determined mindset from our youth that gave us wings and inspired us to become who we are today.

MDN Productions

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  • Information and Communications Technology
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