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EventsX Recognized as a Leading Contender in NVIDIA Inception Accelerator Program



EventsX, a revolutionary technology company specializing in event management solutions, proudly announces its selection as a prominent participant in the esteemed NVIDIA Inception Accelerator Program. This accolade underscores EventsX's dedication to innovation and its unwavering pursuit of excellence within the event industry.


A Gateway to Excellence: The NVIDIA Inception Accelerator Program

The NVIDIA Inception Accelerator Program, known for its fierce competition, is designed to nurture startups and emerging companies that exhibit exceptional promise in artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technologies. By integrating AI-powered solutions into event management, EventsX has secured a coveted spot among the elite startups chosen for this prestigious program.


Empowering Startups for Success

Participation in the program opens doors to unparalleled opportunities for startups, including access to NVIDIA's cutting-edge technology, comprehensive mentorship from industry experts, and guidance from seasoned professionals. Through its involvement in the NVIDIA Inception Accelerator Program, EventsX gains invaluable insights and resources that will accelerate its growth, solidifying its position as a frontrunner in the event management sector.


A Statement from the COO

Darshana Manikkuwadura, COO of EventsX, expresses her enthusiasm, stating, "We are thrilled and honored to be selected for the NVIDIA Inception Accelerator Program. This recognition validates our team's relentless commitment to harnessing AI and deep learning technologies to revolutionize event management. With NVIDIA's invaluable support, we are confident in our ability to scale our solutions and redefine the event experience on a global scale."


Innovation at the Core: EventsX's Unique Approach

EventsX has garnered significant attention within the event industry due to its innovative platform, which seamlessly merges cutting-edge AI technology with event management solutions. Addressing challenges faced by event planners such as high costs and limited staff, EventsX introduces pioneering solutions through its AI Event Engine. Featuring generative AI-assisted content, integrated NFT ticket generation, and AI-powered ad and social creatives, EventsX dramatically reduces marketing costs by up to 90%.


Charting the Path Forward

Aligned with the NVIDIA Inception Accelerator Program, EventsX aims to further refine its AI algorithms, optimize system performance, and extend its global reach to cater to a diverse audience. Leveraging the advanced technologies and mentorship provided by NVIDIA, EventsX is poised to continue pushing the boundaries of event management possibilities.


About EventsX

EventsX stands as a trailblazing technology company committed to revolutionizing event management through pioneering AI-driven solutions. Leveraging the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and deep learning, EventsX empowers event organizers to create unforgettable and seamless experiences for attendees while streamlining event planning and execution. With a dedicated team of experts and an unwavering focus on cutting-edge technology, EventsX is reshaping the future of event management.